Buying a home can be an exciting and scary time. Whether you are a first-time home buyer or a seasoned buyer or seller you need the right partner to make the search even easier, that is why I am glad you are here. I have  a boutique real estate team here to provide the help you need to find the home that best suits you and your family. I work with buyers in Michigan or from around the country who are looking for a certain lifestyle that includes walkable neighborhoods and easy access to arts, sports, and the best dining and entertainment Southeast Michigan has to offer. Whether you are interested in downtown, a city neighborhood or a surrounding community I have the professional and knowledgeable team to help you through the buying process.


Are you tired of paying rent? Each rent check could be going toward building equity in a home of your own. Did you know, that with today’s low rates your home payment could be lower than your rent payment?

There are a lot of advantages of owning a home. After working with lots of new home-buyers, here is a list I'd like to share with first-time homebuyers.

  •  Knowing your investment is a safeguard against inflation.
  • Paying a mortgage will enhance your credit and with every improvement you make, the value of your home will increase.
  • Tax Advantage. Interest and real estate taxes are deductible from your income taxes.
  • Financial independence.
  • Belonging to a neighborhood.
  • Cash equity.

As a first-time homebuyer, let me take care of guiding you through the home buying process. As you begin looking, here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Check your credit rating. If you have any errors, get them resolved.
  • Determine a comfortable monthly budget for your new home, including down payment and monthly payment.
  • Find a loan that meets your needs and get pre-qualified or pre-approved. Check out our preferred lender to get started https://www.ruoff.com/clarksexton
  • Review what type of home best suits your needs (condo, ranch, two-story home)
  • What neighborhood do you want to live? Pick a few neighborhoods that fit your lifestyle. Don’t know what might be right for you? Ask me!


From the mortgage approval process, to finding the perfect house, to going under contract and getting to the closing table - our home buyer's guide details the process of buying a home to get you prepared for the process. Don't go into it blind! Let's make sure you're prepared to make your move. Sign up  and get your free home buyer's guide: